How Covid has changed the corner shop next door

April 3, 2021

Covid has introduced a new world. Quickly an essential step in old-fashioned shopping was no longer available: going into the shops. Suddenly business owners find themselves in a situation never seen before. One that requires new ways to sell products and even stay relevant. Connecting with customers and providing a shopping experience has become more complicated than ever. Or has it? 

Digital businesses all over the world have gotten used to this new online, virtual world long ago. It all started with the invention of the internet and what came next was a wave of innovations and the starting of a massive economic sector happening in said world. What is happening now, however, is only partially because of covid. We have a more and more digital world. That also means endless new opportunities, but many businesses have not yet caught up, as it turns out. Will, life after covid, become normal again, and we all return to in-person shopping? 

The brutally honest answer is probably “No.” Why is that? Before covid, mostly the younger generation of people up to 28-30 was shopping online. This generation has spent their teens in an era where the internet has had its first breath. In short: the internet was and is nothing new for them. They are fluid in it. 

Because of covid however more and more middle-aged people and even older people are beginning to use the internet. That also means they start to recognize the advantages of such. Why book an appointment via the phone when you could just book it online conveniently for you, the customer. Why drive to a shop that’s miles away when you can just buy the stuff from their online store and have it delivered. This new world doesn’t just affect the commerce business world but all sectors of the economy. In short: People do not want to leave their houses. What does that mean for you? 

Here are some easy steps that you can do to get a grip on this fast-changing world. 

  1. Get your website up to date! Be it opening hours, information about your business and products, or how your services work – people want to find you and don’t just shoot their shot in the dark.
  2. Have an online shop 
  3. Offer online bookings for consultancy. This also allows customers to book appointments for Click&Meet and Click&Collect. 
  4. Get your Branding up to date! Personality matters. Today more than ever. Not meeting face to face does not and should not mean that personality gets lost on the way.
  5. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing! Your competition is not just the store right around the corner anymore. Suddenly you are competing with hundreds of businesses. However, this doesn’t mean you have to run a huge campaign. Starting small is often the better way to go here. Let your existing customers know that you are digital now. 

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