AMIA Creations

Revolutionizing the snack industry one bite at a time.

Munich, Germany





People at AMIA Creations, fill their boxes with fun and yummy snacks. They aim to change snacking habits by creating products that are ethical, sustainable, and healthy. A Better World, One Bite at a Time. To provide plant based snacks, which are gluten-free, wheat-free, GMO-free, vegan friendly and organic. By doing so they create a better world one bite at a time.
We were approached by a young start-up called AMIA Creations. They wanted their branding and website to be modern, young, energetic, and recognizable across several platforms. Furthermore, they also wanted to offer an easy way to purchase their products from the website.
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Our goal was to create a brand image for AMIA Creations that keeps up with the times and appeals to the right market. To accomplish this goal, we knew we had to get creative and design a website that showcased their new, innovative products. Especially in a crowded industry such as the snack industry, this has been a big challenge.


We have worked with the organization for more than a month. During this period of time we have established what their website needs are and how it could help them achieve their goals. We have communicated, discussed and agreed on solutions that would make their website meet their needs and be successful. We did not only create a website which is up-to-date and modern, but a website and branding that has been magnificently designed and aims to make their business grow in an efficient way.
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