Creating a new outdoor sports brand with high experiential value.

Schliersee, Germany







Berauer is a family-run sports retailer in the alpine region of Upper Bavaria. At Berauer, emphasis is put on quality, functionality and sustainability. In addition, the competent and comprehensive advice of their customers is a constant focus. We at Berauer are the feeling at the summit. The freedom, the lightness. The connection with nature. Carefree and surrounded by family and friends. With the only goal to have fun. The next summit is even faster than the last. The next descent even more adventurous than the last. On the mountain, or in the valley. In the water, or on land. We create that one feeling that is so hard to describe. We create experiences.
The overall goal of the project was to create a new, immersive outdoor sports brand that would look clean and modern, while also feeling adventurous and exciting. In addition, we were tasked with creating a high-converting online store, as well as overhauling the internal sales processes and implementing a new organizational structure.
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Faced with the COVID 19 pandemic and a general shift in customer expectations and behavior, Berauer recognized that it needed to make some radical changes to ensure its future success. While the stores were expanding, it was clear that the Intersport brand needed to be redesigned and a holistic approach to online presence and e-commerce was required, as well as new business strategies for existing models.


Together with Berauer, we were able to establish a new brand and break away from the existing Intersport brand. We established a strong design system that is scalable with the expected rapid growth of the company, with a special focus on a sustainable brand image in terms of language, feel and design. We also introduced "#morgenweiteralsgestern" as a signature slogan for the brand, representing the philosophy and suggesting a holistic understanding of the brand. In addition, we were able to establish the presence of a high-converting online store that is growing rapidly and increasing customer satisfaction on a daily basis. We revamped internal processes as well, with the help of the implementation of a new CRM and the restructuring of sales processes. All in all, we were able to increase and improve the effectiveness of customer inquiries and order processing.
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