Gemeindebücherei Gmund

Transforming the traditional.

Gmund, Germany





Gemeindebücherei Gmund is the local library in Gmund near Tegernsee. This place has recently celebrated it's 100 birthday making it rich in history and tradition. Keeping traditions but still adapting to new innovations such as the internet can be challenging. The library's goal is always to put their customers first – making it as easy as possible to borrow books.
RedStreetMedia's Mission? Help Gemeindebücherei Gmund arrive in the digital age. This should be achieved by making a website that respects the traditions of the library yet giving it a modern touch. Our approach needed to be comprehensive and cohesive, impacting customer touchpoints from badge design to online experience and everything in between.
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Create a modern website that respects the tradition and implements the existing logo and brand identity – conveying the feeling of warmth and welcome.


RedStreetMedia helped Gemeindebücherei Gmund creat an online presence that allows users to get the latest news about the library and borrow book online. This led to a more convinient way for customers to access the library from home.
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