The Entrepreneurial Group Munich

Creating a new web-presence for the older start-up community in Germany

Munich, Germany



TEG was started in 1986 by four students - making it the first student initiative in Germany focusing on startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital.
Our mission was simple: create a website connecting all TEG's stakeholders.
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Because of its long history, we needed to create a timeless yet modern design that would inspire innovation and creativity. Our approach had to be consistent with both TEG's recent rebranding and the long history and philosophy that TEG stands for. We needed to create a website that would attract new members, external stakeholders to the club, and a community of startup-minded people looking for inspiration and insight on a variety of topics.


We created a website that tells the story of TEG and addresses its history. We also implemented a blog feature and landing pages for potential new members. We also created the ability to set up an event page for future meetings to generate new ideas and bring together the community of entrepreneurs and innovators.
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